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Before I had the absolute pleasure of working with artists full-time, I worked in marketing for a restaurant company. It was great, but my true passion was always working with musicians. Every day on my lunch break, I would run off to a vacant conference room, or sometimes even my car, to hop on calls with clients, work on designs for album covers, and help narrow down tracks for radio promotions. I only had maybe an hour, but it was enough time to help artists and work on my passion projects.

For you as an artist handling your own promo, booking, outreach, and more – and you’re trying to juggle all of that with a day job – there are plenty of easy but important tasks you can squeeze into your lunch break that’ll help you gain real momentum in your career. Here are five suggestions, but feel free to help grow the list by adding your own in the comments below!

1. Schedule social media posts

As an artist, you need a consistent social media presence to ensure your growth and visibility. Your lunch break is a great time to step up your social media presence, especially if you aren’t allowed to be on social media during work hours. Hit up your HootSuite, Buffer, or whatever scheduler you use, and start planning out content for the week. Be on top of the game!

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2. Apply to Sonicbids opportunities

Hey, you’re already reading the blog, so obviously you’re familiar with what Sonicbids can do for your career. Whether it’s local gig listings, licensing opportunities, or big festivals like Bonnaroo, theCMJ Music MarathonSXSW, and the A3C Hip Hop Festival, taking time to flip through potential opportunities is a huge way to boost your career and land that gig that will take you to the next level.

While you’re at it, take a few minutes and make sure your EPK is up to snuff before you start applying!

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3. Build media lists

You don’t have to be a publicist to pitch your releases or gig announcements to media. Take your time researching reporters at outlets you want to target. These could be large outlets with national coverage or smaller newspapers in your hometown or performance city. It might take some detective work tracking down Twitter pages and contact info, but it’ll surely pay off – and it’s actually pretty fun once you get into it!

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4. Write lyrics

Your lunch break is a great way to get your focus off your daily routine and express yourself creatively. It’s a good idea to kick back and unwind and also get some work done for your music career. Just try not to focus on work too much while you’re writing, unless you want your next hit to be “Co-Worker Stole My Lunch Again Blues.”

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5. Check out trends and new music

As musicians and music industry professionals, we sometimes get so caught up in our own work that we don’t take the time to check out industry trends, new music, or learn new tips. While you’re surfing the web on your lunch break, you might as well make the best of it by checking out all the latest industry updates and reading articles on how you can better your career.