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Author: W. Tyler Allen

The Secret to Music Industry Success: Be Professional

Have you ever seen the 1980’s Swayze flick,  Roadhouse? In a nutshell, Patrick Swayze is hired as a lead bouncer and teaches other bouncers how to properly run a particularly rowdy bar.  And while the bouncers just want to break a few jaws when patrons get out of line, Swayze comes in with a new philosophy: “We’re going to be nice”. This “radical idea” of being nice blows the minds of the small-town, blood thirsty bouncers — but at the end, it worked out. If someone mouths off to them? We’re going to be nice. When someone walks through the...

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Labels & Managers: Are You Helping or Hurting Your Artist’s Growth?

Labels and Managers: What are you offering your artists? Let’s think about it. Distribution is incredibly DIY and accessible. Ten or twenty years ago you had to go through a lot of red tape to get your work in stores and online. These days it’s as simple as a CDBaby or TuneCore account. Or, even easier– a SoundCloud page and a good social media strategy. Recording and mastering is more affordable than ever. In the early days, you had to know someone to get into a studio. But today, it seems like everyone knows someone with a studio. Plenty of towns...

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