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Author: W. Tyler Allen

3 Habits of Artists With a Strong Social Media Following

Originally Posted on My Weekly Column at Sonicbids. There are many tactics that go into a solid social media marketing campaign, but tactics are just theories unless they’re put into action, right? Even then, you need to ensure that these tactics become habits so that you maintain a level of consistency with your social media presence. Wondering which habits you should be forming, exactly? Well, for starters, here are three that artists who have built up strong social media followings all have in common. 1. Embrace new social media channels Bobby Shmurda may be in prison right now, but...

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5 Easy Things You Can Do for Your Music Career During Your Lunch Break

Originally Posted On My Weekly Sonicbids Column. Before I had the absolute pleasure of working with artists full-time, I worked in marketing for a restaurant company. It was great, but my true passion was always working with musicians. Every day on my lunch break, I would run off to a vacant conference room, or sometimes even my car, to hop on calls with clients, work on designs for album covers, and help narrow down tracks for radio promotions. I only had maybe an hour, but it was enough time to help artists and work on my passion projects. For...

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You Just Shot Your First Music Video – Now What?

Ever since the demise of MTV’s TRL, we’ve heard people from all walks of life claim that the music video is dead. But even though MTV may not play ’em, with social media becoming such a norm in the past 10 years, a music video is still a must-have tool for artists. If a song’s a great success but you want to ensure its longevity, throw a music video behind it and upload it to YouTube for it to be viewed in perpetuity. Or, if you simply want to put a visual element to your music – just make a lyric...

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4 Music Promotion Hacks for Lazy (or Insanely Busy) Musicians

Not many have the luxury of being full-time musicians with no other commitments. Typically, musicians juggle a career, school, day job, family, or a combination of the four. Unfortunately, they’re often a bit too busy to put the hours that they want into music. Or, on the flipside, music is just a fun hobby or, hey, maybe they’re just lazy. Whatever your own personal timing conflicts may be, below are some hacks that you can use to ensure you’re still promoting your music without interrupting your daily routine. This does come with a disclaimer though: dedicate one afternoon, evening, or...

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3 Not-So-Obvious Benefits of Running a Crowdfunding Campaign

For DIY, indie, and even some major label artists, crowdfunding is a major way to bring in revenue and ensure that a project will move along with the capital you need. Running a crowdfunding campaign is a great way to garner experience, and there are lots of ways an artist can benefit from it. While the basics are obvious – getting your campaign actually funded, gaining some new fans, and putting some cash in your pocket – there are some not-so-obvious benefits, too. 1. You learn the true value of your work (and not just your music) Quick, put a price on your...

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