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5 Tools to Becoming Your Own Music Publicist.

If you want to scroll straight down to the “five tools” below that’s cool. But I recommend you read this funky little intro first. In today’s industry – you’re expected to do everything yourself. Long gone are the days where A&Rs find you in smoky bars – and dictate your entire persona and image. Not only are A&Rs and labels no longer necessary -but labels today often expect you to already have a following, a brand and a style before you even get a reply to your email or a meeting on the books. This is because every single tool...

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Monkey See, Monkey Don’t: Stopping Unessential Marketing.

23 January, 2016 Movement Progression Milestones Just because you’re moving, doesn’t mean you’re progressing. Often we do things because we feel like it’s a [artist, rapper, entrepreneur, tech] thing to do – but sometimes, we’re moving without really going anywhere. I was having coffee with an artist friend of mine – when he was trying to convey how long it’s been since he’s released something. In trying to prove his point he said, “Man, it’s been 2-3 months since I’ve even dropped  a music video!” *record scratch noise* But that.. that’s not a long time, right? In fact, during...

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From “Up and Coming” to Just “Up”.

There’s a phrase in the music industry that bothers “industry people” – and the phrase is up and coming. It’s a little unfair, but I understand the annoyance. Because the phrase doesn’t really mean anything – are you saying you’re new? Are you saying you’re new? Then say you’re new. Are you saying you’re relatively new but have made some waves? Then say that and define the waves. I get it – but I try to be an understanding human, so I really don’t mind. But the phrase has got me thinking – how can an artist go from “up...

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Balance: A Meditation for Artists & Entrepreneurs

balance. 28 December, 2016 Art Tech The Planet No matter if it’s a record label or tech company, CEO or musician – I find that most people have issues in one simple, but difficult area: Balance. The majority of my work centers around the concept of balance. For instance, my view on the 70-20-10 rule in social media. This “rule” states that you should split up your content with 70% branded, 20% third party, and 10% direct sales. Because if you post too much sales – you become spammy. If you post too much branded content – you become one dimensional....

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